10 Things you need to know about Past Life regression therapy

People love doing past life regressions and as a hypnotherapist its just about my favorite things to do too. But most people don’t really understand it that well or they think they do and they have it wrong. Here is 10 things I really want people to learn about Past life Regression Therapy.

  1. Not every problem is about a past life: Unless you have a fear of starving to death in the middle of winter (which I have seen by the way) almost all fears can be found to have as very current life origin even if you do not remember a specific incidence of trauma. Regular hypnosis is often a better fit for fear-based issues.

  2. Yes, you may have been an alien but not a dog: I get asked a lot about being a cat or dog in a past life. I’ve seen lots of clients who experienced themselves as aliens on other plants but so far no dogs or cats, so I don’t believe that’s a thing.

  3. Your pets reincarnate too: Speaking of pets… I have yet to have a horse person who came in for a PLR who did not back to a past life where they ran into their current life horse again. The same is true for your dogs and cats and even once a pet wolf. This is actually quite common.

  4. Family and romantic partners: You do reincarnate over and over again with the core cast of the play of your life, that includes old romantic partners and even the bully you knew in elementary school. Though they often play different parts. A PLR can help you understand why you instantly took a dislike to someone when you first met them and while others you felt you have known forever…because you have.

  5. A Past life Reading and a Past life regression are not the same thing: A “reading” is something the psychics do where they tune in and tell you about relevant past lives. A “regression” is where you actually go back in time and experience it yourself. In general, a regression can be more therapeutic as it can give you a chance to heal past life trauma, with reading you tend to get more detailed information. I do both with and for clients and I see great value in each session.

  6. Yes, there is a such thing as parallel lives: I always give the suggestion “take us back to a past life that is effecting you today” About 1 in 5 go to a life they are living currently in another body and another part of the country. This is good because your current life can be impacted by the trauma a parallel life is experiencing. Healing that trauma can make both lives better.

  7. You may not be the good guy in the story: People are often surprised to find that some of the lifetimes that need the most healing are the ones where you did something bad. Even though you may be a good person there might still be some lingering pain from a lifetime where you weren’t.

  8. Guilt sucks you back to past lives: Just like the client who did bad things in past lives, many clients are drawn to lifetimes where they did things as soldiers that they carry guilt over. Healing that guilt can be very therapeutic.

  9. Current life issues can trigger past life issues: People often decide to do a PLR because something in their current life triggers a flashback to a past life. Don’t worry, this is common and often these spontaneous moments can give you great information.

  10. Yes, you have been famous but not always: Many clients come in after watching some cool documentary on the history channel thinking they may have been Queen Elizabeth, Genghis Khan or even once Ann Boleyn. You would be surprised how many suspected Cleopatra’s I have seen in my office but so far, I don’t think she has show up, however I do believe I have seen members of her court. Yes, you may have been someone famous but your affinity for a particular historical figure might also indicate another type of connection. After all even Anne Boleyn had friends.

Bottom line a past life regression is one of the most interesting things you can do. The information you receive can help you create profound and lasting change as well as bring amazing insight into yourself and your journey. Its amazing fun and it just might change your life. Namaste.