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A powerful tool for healing, hypnotherapy can achieve in a matter of a few sessions what might take months or sometimes years using other modalities. Clients often notice improvement after just one session! Natural, drug-free hypnotherapy is effective in conquering a huge variety of even the most problematic mind/body issues.

My Services Include:

Soul Connect Hypnotherapy with Jill Thomas

Do you feel "stuck"? Frustrated by a personal obstacle holding you back from your goals and dreams? Have you failed to overcome this issue, despite countless attempts? Specializing in transformational hypnotherapy, Jill Thomas understands how in many cases, deeply rooted psychological wounds can continually wreak havoc in people's lives and health. Jill's gentle, amazingly intuitive hypnotherapy skills have helped hundreds of clients break through the imprisoning walls of their own minds.

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Learn about Hypnosis

Doubts or anxiety about hypnosis? Watch this video of the real experience so you can put aside any hesitations. The process is gentle and calming—a safe and proven approach to resolving immediate or long-standing personal difficulties.

Success Stories

I first came to see Jill because I had recently ended a relationship and wanted help in getting past it quickly. We worked together and, consequently, it has taken me only a month to heal emotionally and to move on. And in using her system, an unexpected benefit has been that I sleep soundly every night. Thanks, Jill!
-T. T. San Diego

I wanted to lose some weight. I went to see her several times, and she helped me with portion control and eating healthier. I started craving fruits and vegetables instead of junk food or fast food. To my amazement, 5 weeks later, I had lost 14 pounds! And in another 3 weeks, I had lost 3 more pounds, so in total, 17 pounds! My target weight was 135 and I am at 134. I am now down 2 dress sizes and can fit into a size small again. Hypnosis really works!
-M. P. San Diego